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~~ What do we do: 

We are a privately held company ,owned by George Morgan Bryson , Dominick Reuven Henry and J. Rothschild,

engaged in the development of Mega-Projects in North , Central , South America  and Europe;such as Vertical Farming,

Healthcare,Hospitals ,School's of Medicine  ,Agro-Industry, Mega -Ports, mining and refining; Gold,Copper ,Coal,Oil ,Gas ,R.E.M

Re- Forestation and Motor Racing in the USA. Part of our spectrum are:

Gold Mines

​Mine "Reyna" ,Peru

​Mine  "Princesas" , Peru

Steel Mill, US 

Agro -Industrial Projects, Vertical-Mega-Farming in the US  

Special Housing and Healthcare for 7,000 Homeless Military Veterans in the United Kingdom ,

​Gold  Refineries :  Gold Refinery in the US  

 Research & Development Labs USA

Hospitals : 8 ,300 Bed In Trauma Hospitals,to be developed in the US.

Natural Gas ,Project ​ , Texas, USA

Environment :

Clean up the  Pollution of  Rivers and Lakes USA

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