Fellow Member




George Morgan Bryson ,Chairman, President & CEO of Centurion -Rothschild, LLC ,Centurion-Rothschild LTD and


Dominick Reuven Henry  Co-Chairman of Centurion-Rothschild ,LLC,

J. Rothschild, Investment Partner

Richard Kaplan,Strategic Intelligence, Counter intelligence & International Law Consultant at

United Nations and to Centurion-Rothschild, LLC & Centurion-Rothschild,LTD.

Simon Chen , Senior Vice-President of Centurion Rothschild, LLC and Companies


Odell International, LLC  ,Richard D. Cantwell ,President & CEO .Investment Partner.

Andres Ruiz Hubard,Chief Financial Officer,Centurion Rothschild,LLC and Companies



V. De Rothschild ,MD,PHD,MBA, Senior Vice President of Centurion-Rothschild ,LLC and

President of Centurion-Rothschild, LLC and Centurion-Rothschild,  LTD  Healthcare Division

​The Right Honorable Baron Ricardo Baretzki ,President of The European Center For Information Policy and Security (ECIPS},Consultant to Centurion Rothschild, LLC and Centurion Rothschild ,LTD

he Baron Ricardo Baretzky,President of The European Centre for Information Policy and Security ( ECIPS ) ,consultant to Centurion-Rothschild ,LLC and Centurion-Rothschild LT​​​​

Judson Rothschild,Consultant to Centurion-Rothschild ,LLC and Centurion-Rothschild LTD


Sarah Henry:Senior Vice President of Financial Compliance to Centurion-Rothschild ,LLC  and

Centurion-Rothschild ,LTD

​Oscar Ramirez Corzo Senior 

Brendan Coulton, Chief Financial Officer ( CFO) Centurion-Rothschild,LLC, Centurion-Rothschild ,LTD . reat 

The right Honorable Contessa  , Dr.Noema Chaplin,United Nations,Ambassador and Senior Vice President of

Centurion-Rothschild ,LLC and Director of Real Estate Operations, New York.

Matthew Kaplan,CPA,Chief Acountant,Centurion-Rothschild ,LLC and Companies

James Henry, Senior  Vice President of Centurion-Rothschild LLC

Rob Paez Davison,Centurion-Rothschild ,LLC ,sole representative to the Republic of Chile


Alexander Bryson Senior Vice President of Centurion-Rothschild ,LLC   and Centurion Rothschild, LTD . and Centurion Rothschild ,LTD